Ashwood is a province in the Kingdom of Varos that cover large swathes of land, stretching from the border of the Dwarven Kingdom along the border to the Northern wastes.

It is a densely forested region, dotted in marshlands, lakes and swamps. Due to it's remote location and sparse population it is not uncommon to run across all sorts of unsavory individuals, ranging from witches and vampires to mercenaries and brigands.

During the Lightwar, Kodan's forces occupied the region for some time and then withdrew. A former Varosian general named Erich Woolfe stepped in and filled the vacuum left behind the retreating army. Instructed by the King to restore law and order, Woolfe recruited local brigands to bolster his ranks. Woolfe then established himself as the local authority and with the region being of little importance to the kingdom itself it was not dealt with.

The Ashwood Militia and its current leader, Markus Hygg, now effectively rule the region as a semi-autonomous state. And all though the Militia has a bad reputation for harassing both locals and traveling merchants they do also uphold a frontier rule of law, slay monsters and keep the roads open.