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The Collegia Arcana is the formal title and name of the organization which runs the School of Arcane Arts. It is independent from all other nations.

The school is located on Zumalt Island.

History Edit

Founded during the tenth cycle the Collegia Arcana was the result of a voting cast between leading members of the Magi Guild debating wether or not a independent institute dedicated to studying Magi would be beneficial for all nations.

As the vote passed several officials from the nations of Anvaris agreed to support the Collegia Arcana. The Elven Realm seceeded their claim on Zumalt Island, the Kingdom of Varos supplied the manpower, the Lesser Kingdoms donated a generous amount of coins while the Sylvanian Empire and Dwarven Kingdom provided raw resources.

Thanks to this massive undertaking no nation was left out, effectively eliminating most suspicion that the other nations would receive special benefits as thanks for their support.

Ontop of that of course the Collegia Arcana became reality and soon members of all nations could enroll at the school in order to learn how to understand and harness the powers of Magi.

Politics Edit

Because of its high importance and its independent rule the Collegia Arcana have been able to create and enforce several universal laws of Magi throughout all nations of Anvaris.

The organization takes its relations with the nations very seriously and maintain several embassies in the capital cities to allow for better and more direct communication.

Media Edit