The Corrupted was the name of the various Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Oni who willingly or unintentionally fought for Kodan the Dark during the Lightwar.

Physiology Edit

Maintaining their original physiology the only real difference between a Corrupted is the red glow emitting from their eyes, as if Ixuz himself is present inside the individual.

Corrupted are unable to follow their own free will and served as mindless puppets and cannon fodder for Kodan.

History Edit

Corrupted began to appear during the middle of the Lightwar as Kodan and his forces continued to advance into the Dwarven Kingdom, Varos and the Elven Realm.

During the first sightings and encounters Corrupted forces were able to cause serious damage as the people of Anvaris were not ready to face comrades thought to had been lost in battle.

After Kodan was defeated Ixuz lost his grip of the Corrupted and they returned to their original state of mind.

Media Edit