David Hark is the grand general of the Varosian military. He is a grizzled veteran with a strong hate towards Goblins, Trolls and Kavurians.

History Edit

David Hark grew with five older brothers in the small city of Wynkar. As a child he would often get into fights because of his smaller size.

After getting beaten up over and over David made a promise to himself to never lose another fight. Convicning his oldest brother, Henrik, to teach him how to fight David soon turned into a formidable fighter.

After that he walked out of all fights as the winner and not as the loser. Following the rest of his brothers David enlisted with the military and became a career soldier known for his exemplary tactics and fighting spirit.

Shorter than the average varosian, David ignored any comments related to his length and maintained a habit of leading from the front like a true soldier after being promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

During the Lightwar all of the Hark brothers fought actively in different units and on different fronts. David was no different and secured many victories for both Varos and the Dwarves on the north-western front.

When the war ended the free people of Anvaris rejoiced. Meanwhile David mourned as all his brothers had died fighting.

When Vados Firan ascended the throne David was appointed grand general after the previous one had died during the Battle of Wynkar.