The Elven Realm is the home of the Elves. It is situated in the east and its borders stretch beyond Anvaris towards the Eastern Realms.

History Edit

The Elves have a long history, possibly reaching beyond the Creation. Their history in Anvaris is the most well-documented one however and elven scholars are proud of their massive archives located inside Navaris.

As the Elves reached Anvaris from their long journey they first set up several separated cities and communities.

With their influence growing the Elves realized that they were not alone on Anvaris and while there were several possible allies so were the many dangers.

The five major cities Navaris, Salaris, Vahanos, Linvara and Uvaris formed the first five Elven Houses as well as the Council of Seers. Each of the five houses sent their best seer and together the five seers worked from Navaris to oversee the Elves.

Eventually, as more houses were created, it was decided that the Council of Seers (which was expanded to nine members) were to be governed by a queen.

This event marked the "true" founding of the Elven Realm.

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