The Frostbitten, alternatively Tribe of the Frostbitten or Mragy Krup, are a hostile tribe of wasters who reside deep in the far Northern Wastes.

History Edit

Waster tribes are not known for being friendly, but are evasive at best and prefer their solitude. Despite this isolation, when some tribes fought for the side of light in the Lightwar it opened up a new understanding of the savage world of the waste.

However, the Frostbitten are one of the tribes that the are mostly unknown to outsiders and even other waster tribes.

Believed to be the northernmost human settlers of the wastes, the Frostbitten have met others with weapons drawn and will not hesitate to kill anyone who they do not recognize or who intrude on their territory. They are also known for abducting other wasters, usually those who are strong and capable of fighting.

Where their capital is located remains uncertain, but groups of Frostbitten and their camps have been encountered beyond Wolftooth Ridge and Razor Crag.

According to tribal lore, the Frostbitten are wasters that have been exiled from other tribes and driven north. Shamans say that they are lost, exiled or abducted wasters who have been enslaved by a powerful warlock. This theory is also supported by scholars from the Collegia Arcana, since captured frostbitten can not recognized individuals previously known to them and speak a strange waster dialect not found anywhere else. Further more their eyes are fogged and lack irises, a recorded symptom of mind control by the way of dark magi.

It is not believed they were ever allied with Kodan and his dark army, since wasters and a handful of dwarves have reportedly seen the Frostbitten fight both light and dark forces during the Lightwar.