Short vile creatures who often make a living as bandits, the Goblins can be found throughout the wilds of Anvaris.

Physiology Edit

Small, sometimes hunched over, and with sharp features the Goblins will at first glance look like tiny Orcs.

However unlike their larger cousins, Goblins are often very aggressive.

History Edit

Goblins arrived to Anvaris sometime during the second cycle, making them some of its earliest inhabitants.

It is currently unknown just where they arrived from and the answer to that question is difficult to pinpoint after their species spread across the continent like wildfire.

It is know however that they have paid for their greed in blood; when the Goblins aren't busy backstabbing eachother they have taken heavy losses trying to enforce their claim against the other races.

Today most Goblin populations have been driven out from Anvaris and those who aren't stalking the wilds have thrived out in the Southern Waste as well as in the Northern Waste.

Media Edit