During The Creation the gods Andvarus and Dekanas were born with the mission of creating a world, a mortal realm, which they would watch over and protect. To aid their task Andvarus and Dekanas used their combined powers to create vessels of time and space.

These vessels, orbs, were used as mighty tools to shape Anvaris into what it is today. Following the Creation ten of these orbs were gifted to the mortal realm with the promise that the gods would always watch over Anvaris as long as the people of the world kept these sacred vessels safe from misuse and greed.

To be granted such a mission is a daunting task but so was creating Anvaris. Both Andvarus and Dekanas believe that through the existence of the orbs Men, Elves, Dwarves and all other will strive to maintain the balance and order of the world.

Each orb represent a element or a specific state of being or feeling. No mortal can safely handle one of the orbs without sustaining immense physical injuries not to mention going insane.

List of Orbs Edit

  1. Orb of Light
  2. Orb of Darkness
  3. Orb of Time
  4. Orb of Earth
  5. Orb of Wind
  6. Orb of Fire
  7. Orb of Water
  8. Orb of Faith
  9. Orb of Mercy
  10. Orb of Compassion