Hadan Dravi is a former career soldier with the Sylvanian military and the current emperor of the Sylvanian Empire.

History Edit

Like all sylvanian men, Hadan was taught how to fight when he reached the age of five. Being the heir of the empire he was taught only by the best of each respective field.

Hadan became a skilled fighter and a renowned tactician thanks to his mentor Rezak. During the Lightwar Hadan and his mentor marched to fight the dark forces of Kodan.

Representing Sylvania, Hadan was given control of the majority of the imperial army which he used to assist his Varosian allies.

After the war was won Hadan returned to Sylvania and became the new emperor. Upon returning he resumed courting one of the dancers which had captured both his interest and heart.

Offering her to rule by his side, Yazmina finally agreed and accepted his proposal.

Knowing very well that his wife is more than cunning than she appears Hadan always keeps an eye on his love.