The Highwater Marshlands is an area of swampland in the Kingdom of Varos that stretches from just south of Eastkeep down the coast to the border between Varos and the Lesser Kingdoms. The area is teeming with life, filled with various bugs, reptiles, and fish not found in other parts of Anvaris. It is also filled with rare plants as well.

Fishermen tend to fish in the various rivers and ponds in the Marshlands, and hunters often travel through hunting rare animals. Because of density of plant life in some parts of the marsh, it is often used by necromancers, witches/warlocks, and vampires as a hiding spot.

The village of Highwater, which the name of the marshlands is derived from, sits on a river delta near the edge of the marshlands at the coast. Though the village was destroyed during an incident involving the Kincaid Vampire Hunters, the village ruins are still used as a rest stop for travellers as well as a small market for fisherman and hunters.