Hiro is a warrior with the Lightkeepers.

History Edit

The son of a prominent ambassador from the Lesser Kingdoms, Hiro became an orphan of war as advanced guerilla elements of the Kavurian forces killed his parents and most of the escorting soldiers during the start of the Lightwar.

During the ambush Hiro escaped from the Kavurian soldiers and into the wilds where he survived on his own for a week untill a Lightkeeper patrol stumbled upon him.

He was more or less adopted by the group. Kazuki Yukimura became his military trainer while Jaqim became his mentor when it came to writing, studying history, military tactics and other theoretical studies.

Equipment Edit

Hiro's Armor Edit

Custom-made armor handcrafted by Hiro and Kazuki, inspired by Oni designs.

Lightblade Edit

Inspired by Oni blades this weapon cuts through most armor like they were paper.

Because the weapon is the most effective through slashing movements Hiro prefers to carry his blade without a shield, allowing for quick consistent strikes.

Media Edit