A grizzled Jynker with a checkered past, Jannika has gone through life's many challenges by first being determined and then ruthless. As a lesser known, although skillful, mercenary she has earned her living and scars by being a simple sword for hire or even coordinator.

History Edit

Jannika was born on a foggy morning in a loggers cabin on the outskirts of Paulsmoor. Her mother died shortly after her birth due to health complications. This devastated her father, who took to the bottle. Jannika was often blamed for her mothers death and called a cursed child by him.

Jannika's childhood was far from ideal. Her father was poor so she learned to work from a young age, mostly because her now alcoholic father would beat her if she didn't. She went to school in the local chapel, but due to her pent up anger towards her own situation she would lash out at others. Eventually she was expelled from the school, having only learned how to read, write and count.

Being poor she at least avoided being frisked by the Ashwood Militia whilst out foresting. Having sometimes witnessed how they with threats and swords could extort merchants, she figured it was a easier way to earn a living than felling trees and stacking lumber.

Working in the woods she had built herself up notably well, considering her diet was not the most optimal due to her monetary situation. On her 18th birthday she bought herself a sword. When she returned home that evening her father confronted her about it. After a heated debate, Jannika's father said that her mother would be ashamed of her. And that would be the last thing he would say. After years of abuse, being blamed for her mothers death and her fathers misfortunes, Jannika drove her blade through his chest. While still gasping for his last breath's Jannika collected her possessions, set the cabin ablaze and headed for the main road.

During the next year she hitchhiked, robbed and stole, all the while making her way to Eastkeep where she knew of a relative. She has remained there since, doing odd mercenary jobs, more often than not for the local gang of the Golden Court.

Abilities Edit

Hard Target Edit

Due to Jannika's small form as a Jynker but also due to her stamina and agility she can usually avoid attacks with ease.

Cutthroat Edit

Molded by a cruel childhood and hardened by a violent life, Jannika has come to know when to strike for best results. When foes become weak she shows no mercy, but instead uses their waning strength to inflict killing blows.