Karus is a deadly assassin working with the Shadowhands. He is believed to be a key member of the cult.

History Edit

Karus was once a noble man and a member of the Lesser Kingdoms' court. Through his power within the court he managed to bribe, threaten and kill his way into getting valuable knowledge on his rivals.

Before he could execute his grand plan to seize the kingdom from its current rulers, the court's spymaster not only stopped him but made his treason public.

Karus was supposed to be executed a week afterwards but through sheer luck (or fate itself) he managed to escape captivity and spent the next five months travelling north to evade getting captured.

On his way towards the Northern Waste he met a powerful wizard by the name of Kodan.

Despite the inital suspicion between the two Karus later agreed to work with Kodan. At first he didn't know exactly what Kodan had been planning, nor where he was getting his information.

All that changed when Ixuz reached towards Karus and touched his mind.

Equipment Edit

Blade of Ixuz Edit

Rumored to have been forged from a metallic shard created by Ixuz himself the blade of Ixuz is, despite its size, a devastating weapon capable of great evil.

It is said that the victims of the blade are denied their journey to Dekanas and are instead sent to serve Ixuz for all eternity.

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