Kazlak Fortress was built by Kodan the Dark following his exile. While most of it are in ruin as a result of the massive battle which took place at the end of the Lightwar the core citadel is mostly intact.

History Edit

Built by Kodan using dark magi empowered by Ixuz this dark and sinister fortress served as the base of operations for the dark army.

Originally it was without a name however shortly after their great march to join Kodan the Kavurians coined the name Kazlak (meaning 'Dark Bastion') which later became the name used when referring to the site.

At the end of the Lightwar most of the fortress was destroyed, including it's three-layer defensive ringwall as well as most of the central structures.

The united forces of Anvaris eventually breached the citadel and killed the remaining dark servants, including Kodan himself, inside the temple located on the mountain peak above.

Notable Locations Edit

Kazlak Citadel Edit

A vast complex of halls, corridors and other dangerous rooms the Kazlak Citadel was buzzing with activity at the beginning of the war. Soldiers occuppied the barracks, sorcerers created new spells inside the magi chambers and Kodan worked alongside his generals inside the grand hall to plot the domination of Anvaris.

Following the war the citadel now remains empty. The dereclict and cold halls littered with corpses of warriors long gone as well as the ruins surrounding the complex serves as a reminder of what once took place and the massive effort which was needed to restore peace.

Kazlak Peak Temple Edit

The temple of Kazlak Peak, situated at the top of the mountain which shields the fortress from the northern winds. It is said that Kodan brought the God Orbs which he stole up to the temple and attempted to used the structure, which was built in honor of Ixuz, to channel their powers in aid for the dark god.

Before he was successfull the brave champions of Anvaris managed to strike him down and put an end to the war once and for all.

When it was still intact the temple served as Kodans personal dwelling. Additional living quarters inside the temple were reserved for his most trusted advisors.

Mount Kazlak Edit

As dark and sinister as the fortress itself Mount Kazlak is said to have risen from the ground when Kodan used his abilities to build his new headquarters. Should these rumors be true that would mean that Mount Kazlak was the first mountain to be created through dark magi.

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