The languages of Anvaris are many and different. Some nations may have multiple languages spoken within their borders.

Note that the Lesser Kingdoms do not have a shared major language and rely on Common when not speaking in their many native tongues.

Main Languages Edit

Varosi Edit

Spoken by the people of Varos, varosi is most commonly spoken in the central and northern parts of their country.

Elvasi Edit

Language spoken by the Elves, also used for spells related to nature.

Dwarni Edit

Dwarven language. It is not uncommon for smiths to engrave words or sentences in dwarni on both weapons and armor.

Sylvani Edit

Spoken by the Sylvanians, sylvani is slowly losing popularity as many sylvanians prefer to speak in common for better communications with both the Orcs and merchants from Varos and the Kingdoms.

Orcasi Edit

Guttural language combined with gestures. Native tongue of the Orcs.

Goblovi Edit

Thought to be a rough dialect of Orcasi, goblovi is the language of both the Goblins and Trolls.

Kavuri Edit

Spoken only by the viscious Kavurians, this language is yet to be fully translated.

Common Edit

Arguably one of the most important languages, the Common language is a universal trade language used to communicate between people. It has become so common to the point where a vast majority of people prefer it over their native tongue.

Minor Languages Edit

Tongue of the Gods Edit

The official term for the language spoken by the gods. It is special in the aspect that the language itself will be heard or read as if it's in the native tongue of the beholder.

Onigo Edit

Native tongue of the mysterious Oni. Onigo is primarily spoken only between Oni, and rarely used outside of Oni villages.

Jynkersk Edit

The universal language of the Jynkers. Although jynkers are often proficient in local languages and common, Jynkersk is mostly spoken in the home, when in the exclusive company of other jynker or when discussing private matters.

Drow Edit

A heavily modified form of Elvasi, spoken only by Drow.

Dead Languages Edit

Mazkvari Edit

Language found on ruins and artifacts recovered from the islands on Eastern Sea. Believed to be the language of visitors from the Eastern Realms.