Magi is the primary name and term which represents the manipulation and usage of magic. Magi allows its user to manipulate materials as well as beings in a multitude of ways through spells (although experienced users may "freehand" it).

When a person uses magi they utilize the energy within their very life essence to connect to a higher plane of existance where they "borrow" the neccessary energy to complete their spell(s).

If a user isn't capable of carrying out more advanced spells he/she will become extremely fatigued for a brief moment, should they try to complete the spell.

Magi is divided into three main 'paths'.

The School of Arcane Arts are responsible for enforcing the universal rules put into place to prevent disastrous events and other general misuse of magi.

Main Paths Edit

Lower Path Edit

The lower path represents the majority of magi users. These people are often varosians, sylvanians, dwarves or other beings incapable of using more advanced spells.

Higher Path Edit

The higher path represents advanced magi users. In comparison to the users of the lower path they're a minority, although they still outrank and outskill those of both the lower and darker paths.

Higher path users are commonly kingdomers and elves.

Dark Path Edit

The dark path represents the forbidden and unknown parts of magi, as well as the dark sorcerers, witches and necromancers who use the related spells.

Dark path spells rely primarily on stealing life energy and using it to conjure or destroy.

Other Paths Edit

Fading Path Edit

The fading path represents a man-made way to obtain the ability to become a user of the lower path. Dwarves are generally born without the ability to harness magi and as such they once tried to create a device which mimics the way magi users connect to a higher realm in order to gain the energy for spells.

While partially successfull the effect of the device was merely temporarily and the results of completing a spell were often... off.

Today these devices are bannded and the School of Arcane Arts actively pursue any remaining devices in order to destroy them.