Currently practicing and studying at the Collegia Arcana on Zumalt, Margerye is a aspiring academic when it comes to the Arcane arts.

She believes that peasants and lesser educated folk have dictated the effects of magic with their superstition and aims to organize and give the population a better understanding of the arcane.

History Edit

Born into the noble house of Hemwick in the the northern region of the lesser kingdoms, Margerye has lived a comfortable yet productive life. As the fourth child out of seven, she was by no means favored but adequately looked after none the less.

Under the watchful eye of her father, the notable General Iosef Hemwick, she was thought the manners and etiquette's of the nobles. Margerye was however more free to pursue her own ambitions, since the upkeep of the family's house, lands and prosperity would fall on her oldest brother and sister, Nathaniell and Leonora.

The Hemwick line have for a long time had a exceptional affinity for magi use, and Margerye was a natural from her early years. When she came of age, she was sent to the School of Arcane arts.

Driven by a ecstatic curiosity she further expanded her knowledge and skill over her time at the school. Now in her 6th year of study, she is a very proficient magi user, her specialty being in infusion and elementalism.