Matthos Hemwick is the fifth child of the main line of House Hemwick, and brother to Margerye Hemwick. Born a few years after her, he excels in the art of bowmanship, and has already become a notable Ranger.

History Edit

Born to the notorious House of Hemwick, Matthos grew up largely in the shadow of his siblings, of which some had been blessed with the 'Hemwick disposition'- a gift for the arcane arts. Though Matthos grew up without these advantages, he had been gifted with an almost supernatural sense of perception and focus.

A quick wit, the young Hemwick delighted in matching his skills for rhetoric with his aunts and uncles, his cousins and his second cousins, and hunting on the family estate, out of the eyes of his parents and more responsible siblings. Matthos watched, as his brothers and sisters left for the Collegia Arcanum, one by one.

On his thirteenth birthday, Matthos chose to strike out on his own, and seek training in the art that he found to be the most pleasing to perform in the comfort of the forests- the art of the Ranger. Using the small fortune bestowed onto him by his parents, he bought weapons, armor, and the services of an master of the hunt, to tutor him in trapping, fighting and bowmanship.

Six years later, Matthos Hemwick chose to leave Varos behind and follow his elder sister to the Humble Wanderer, to seek his fortune and further an agenda of his own. On his neck, the teenager wears a clasp adorned with wolf teeth and the Hemwick sigil, while a crude Ouroboros design adorns his dagger and bow.