The Mazkvarians are a lizard-like people. Had it not been for artifacts recovered from the Eastern Sea the people of Anvaris would've been unaware of their existance.

Physiology Edit

While no living Mazkvarian has ever been found symbols on their ruins and the skeletal remains unearthed from a shallow grave suggest that they are bipedal lizardmen with hardened scales that serves as natural armor and camouflage.

History Edit

A team of surveyors from the Lesser Kingdoms were the first to encounter Mazkvarian ruins. Believing that they had found a temple built by the gods themselves they contacted the Collegia Arcana who sent a small group of wizards to investigate the site.

After thorough investigation the Collegia Arcana determined that the site was not something which the gods had built but were infact ruins of structures once built by another race.

So far the only thing which has been deciphered is the name of the people and the language they spoke.

Media Edit