Navaris is the capital city of the Elven Realm.

History Edit

Founded many cycles ago the city of Navaris is the home of the Elves. Records shows that once the Elves migrated from the Eastern Realms they eventually settled down and formed a community which later grew into this great city.

As the Elves expanded Navaris remained as their capital, their heart and their beacon.

Notable Locations Edit

Hall of the Seers Edit

The Hall of the Seers is located at the center of Navaris and house the Elven government as well as embassies for all Elven Houses.

Hall of the Elders Edit

A monument to Elven history the Hall of the Elders holds the massive records detailing the history of the Elves.

The Great Oak Edit

A massive white oak with magical properties. Said to have been blessed by the first Elves of Anvaris and granted sentience. The Oak is revered as a sacred icon.

Media Edit