The Northern Waste is a vast, cold and generally harsh wasteland populated by few.

History Edit

As the Kingdom of Varos, Dwarven Kingdom and the Elven Realm were formed in the north a large region remain uninhabited.

Because it was home to many dangerous creatures, rough terrain and lack of resources the three nations agreed to not expand their borders further.

The Northern Waste was the first neutral zone and eventually a similar one was formed in the south.

Today this region remains neutral and those who live there are either primitives, Wastefolk or bandits and other criminals.

It is believed that the homeland of the Kavurians lies beyond the Northern Waste.

Notable Locations Edit

Tribal Council Edit

A small hut located deep within one of the mountain ranges this house is where the tribes gather to discuss important matters.

Few tribesmen know of its locations and the caretakers are quick to terminate any trespassers.

Kazlak Fortress & Mount Kazlak Edit

A dark and sinister mountain looming over an equally dark fortress, Kazlak Fortress was once home to Kodan the Dark.

Media Edit