Northkeep is a city on the northern border of Varos. It's the first line of defense against bandits and monsters heading south from the Northern Waste.

History Edit

Originally a fortress Northkeep eventually grew into a city after its initial founding.

Because of bandits, Goblins and Trolls streaming down from the Northern Waste the third king of Varos demanded a fortress to be built in order to provide a first line of defense.

During the Lightwar large portions of the northern citylimits were destroyed as Kodan the Dark and his army besieged the city.

Northkeep was occuppied by a large Kavurian garrison during the majority of the war and was recaptured by Varos with the help of Jynker mercenaries.

Notable Locations Edit

Northkeep Citadel Edit

Large citadel which marks the center of both the Northkeep castle and the city itself. Heavily fortified.

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