Odeg Frey is the commander of the Rysecks Army and the defacto Ruler of the Lesser Kingdom of Rysecks. Odeg is a large and robust man for his age, but is usually more renowned for his strategic genius as well as his commanding presence.

History Edit

Odeg grew up in the outskirts of the city of Bernek. Groomed by his father and two brothers during his youth he plied the trade as a game warden for the Hensel's, Rysecks royal family, who owned a sizable area of land in the surrounding countryside. As he grew, his impressive strength and build made him more suitable for other types of work.

With a newfound interest in combat and a more lucrative job, Odeg joined a local mercenary band and made good coin hunting bandits and monsters in the neighboring kingdoms, most notably in the Hobgoblin no-mans-land and Morvudd's Black Forest.

When the Rysecks pledged a considerable force to fight Kodan's dark army in the north, Odeg used his reputation and earlier acquaintance with Hensel to net him a position as the commanding officer over a company of footsoldiers. During the Lightwar, Odeg and his company primarily guarded the camps and secured logistic routes for a great portion of the lesser kingdoms armies.

The man in charge of Rysecks forces, a inexperienced David Hensel, looked more and more to Odeg for strategic and tactical advice. The Rysecks army performed well, but out of fear as being labeled incompetent, David would not admit that most actions accredited to him were of Odegs planning.

When the Lightwar was over and the Rysecks army returned home. With the unexpected death of Olav Hensel, David was next in the royal line and heir to the throne. However, David was not ready for this and relied more and more on Odeg to effectively rule for him by proxy.

Odeg was promoted to commander of the army and puppeteered David through his now substantial influence over him as the royal adviser. During Davids rule, Rysecks have strayed from the unionist path of Olav Hensel to supporting the conservative side of the Council behind Tera Dinal. The old rivalries with the lesser kingdom of Meerland have also resurfaced.