Paladins are holy warriors dedicated to serving their patron god. Many of these form orders, which have fortress monasteries all over Anvaris.

History Edit

It is unknown when the first holy warriors started to appear, but it is theorised that they formed the base for many of today's orders. What is known is that aproximetly 1000 years ago, the holy orders began to form for the first time.

At first consisting of devoted priests and regular armymen, their ranks soon grew to include knights, nobles and even monarchs.

Many of them stand as a symbol of hope, but others represent despair. Whichever they are, depends entirely on the god they serve.

Structure and Recruitment Edit

Structure Edit

Although different in many ways, the orders share a similarity in their structures. At the top sits the Head Paladin, followed by their chosen right hand, Head Scribe and lieutenants.

Under them are the rank and file men and women of the order. They form the bulk of an order's fighting force and scribes.

Finally at the last level are the initiates. Those who have yet to prove their worth to an Order so they could be accepted and assigned to their proper position.

Ascention through the ranks is judged by the Head and the lieutenants, when they deem the time is right.

A new Head is usualy chosen be the previous one, but when that is impossible, the Scribe, right hand and lieutenants must choose one from either among them or from the ranks.

Typically a paladin order would operate from a fortress monastery located somewhere in the world. Many of them are located in mountanous regions.

Every other facet of structure differs from order to order.

Recruitment Edit

Many orders gain their recruits either from militaries or from the peasentry. Lately many knights and nobles have been flocking to these orders in droves in search for honor and glory. Other methods are known to include offering prisoners their freedom by service, contractual obligation and even abduction.

Whatever the method, many orders have a rigurious training to maintain a high standart for it's members. This has led to low numbers, but highly proficient fighting force.