Rezak is a veteran soldier and the lord general of Sylvanian military.

History Edit

A tribesman hailing from the vast deserts of Sylvania, Rezak is skilled hunter capable of tracking beasts through some of the roughest terrains of Anvaris.

After an ambush on his tribe carried out by bandits an imperial patrol intervened just in time to save Rezak and the survivors of his tribe.

Convinced that there is more to life than scavenging the deserts Rezak convinced the patrol officer help him to the nearest city.

Several months later Rezak had become an imperial footsoldier and was quickly climbing up the ranks. His endurance and strength was on par, if not better, with his sylvanian comrades who quickly learned to respect him.

After becoming Lord General Rezak was asked to mentor the heir of the emperor, Hadan, and teach the young man how to be a worthy soldier.

During the Lightwar Rezak accompanied Hadan during the march to Varos where he later helped command the imperial forces tasked with fighting the dark forces of Kodan.