Royland is a Paladin of Dekanas. A warrior, dedicated to serving his god's bidding.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Royland is a result of an affair between a lord and one of the handmaidens in the castle. Due to him being a bastard, he could not inherit anything from his father and was treated like an outcast by everyone from his family exept his mother. He later joined the Hedge knights. An order of knights who's ranks were filled with bastards, from the knight commander to the squires.

After years of service, Royland would become a full knight himself and would travel with the Hedge Knights, befriending the knight commander, Ser Duncan.

Battle of Grayford Edit

In one of the preludes of the Lightwar, The Hedge knights were called to fight an undead incursion near the Varos border at Grayford. The local lords were expecting a minor force of zombies and skeletons, but were surprised by the necromancer that was leading them. Summoning forth a great army of undead, he lay siege to the fort and decimated the defenders. Royland was among the last few survivors who made their last stand. They were sure of their impending doom untill the defaning sounds of horns could be heard in the distance. They had been saved by the Paladins of Dekanas. After pushing the undead back, the paladins helped the survivors and made them an offer to join their ranks. Royland and every one of his surviving comrades agreed.

Life as a paladin Edit

The events of Grayford were over a century ago and since then Royland has been a loyal servant of Dekanas. He travels the world to fight the undead and necromancers that inhabit it and to act as judge when apropriate.

Titles Edit

During his travels, Royland had earned a number of titles to his name. Some of them, more unfortunate than others:

  • The Varosian Lion
  • The Last Hedge knight
  • The Bastard Lord from Whoreson Keep
  • Catrider
  • Paladin Dense