Selena Firan is the current queen of Varos. She was formely a merchant based in the city of Northkeep.

History Edit

Selena grew up with her mother in the cold city of Northkeep where she was taught the basics of trading and broking at a very early age.

Most of the time Selena and her mother bought goods from Wasters and sold them off to other varosian merchants as exotic merchandise.

When the Lightwar erupted Northkeep was one of the first cities to fall to the invasion. Prior to falling the city was evacuated of most of its inhabitants while several cavalry regiments used brute force to keep the Kavurians in check for a short duration.

During the evacuation Selena met a soldier named Vados Firan whom she befriended. While there were hints of something more in their relation such questions had to be delayed untill the dark forces of Kodan had been defeated.

After the war Selena returned to Northkeep and played a key role in rebuilding the city. Eventually the soldier she had met during the war returned and they fell in love.

Vados later proposed to Selena and the couple were the first inhabitants of Northkeep to get married following the rebuilding.

Selena was later crowned queen of Varos after Vados was sworn in as king.