Sentry is a missplaced guardian of her patron god's remains. Her goal is to find the tomb and to continue her task of an eternal guardian and to test whoever enters.

History Edit

Originaly one of Pririon's companions, Sentry was tasked to guard one of the tombs that housed his remains after his death by the hands of his brothers. For centuries she would stand guard in rock form, waiting for one of Pririon's desendants to find the tomb and recover the remains, untill one day she was forcefully awoken in a mage's tower in a far off location from the tomb. In a fit of rage, she slew everyone there, including the mage, who had awoken her and burning the building to the ground. After regaining her senses, she discovered that the magic that awoke her, had damaged her memory. She could not remember the location of any of the tombs as well as periods of her former life.

Sentry now roams the lands, seeking the locations of the tombs and her rightful place. And, having a few adventures along the way. Its's what Pririon would have wanted.

Skills and abilities Edit

Rock form Edit

The Kamani are an old people of a bygone age. Legends say that they could last for weeks without food, water and even sleep. That they can turn their skin into rock and they posses great strenght. Sentry is proof that the legends are true. While in rock form, her strenght doubles and allows her to withstand blows that would shatter bone.

Inscription Edit

Sentry has learned how to inscibe weapons, armor and other items with words of power during her journeys as a companion. Depending on what word she inscibes on different items results in different properties. I.E-Inscribing 'Fire' on a sword gives it the property to engulf an oponent in flame, while placing the same word on a chestplate gives the wearer a potent resistance against fire be it natural or magic.