The Shadowhands is a dark cult dedicated to carrying out the orders of the dark god Ixuz, the Banished.

History Edit

A cult dedicated to the dark god Ixuz, the Shadowhands were formed by followers of Kodan the Dark.

These men and women believed that through their actions and acts of loyalty towards Ixuz's champion they would eventually be rewarded and spared by the dark god.

Over time however their vision only became much more twisted and today the Shadowhands truly believe at heart that the world needs to be cleansed and rebuilt by Ixuz, no matter the cost.

Military Edit

Warriors Edit

Shadowhand warriors are lightly armored and armed. They favor pack tactics and swift strikes before retreating back into the shadows. All Shadowhand warriors are trained assassins whom have pledged their life and allegiance to Ixuz.

The Black Guard Edit

Elite forces used to guard the home of the Shadowhands.

The Hand of Ixuz Edit

Soldiers who have sacrificed their own souls to serve Ixuz eternally. They are more or less immune to physical force and must be banished through the use of magi.

Media Edit