A vast region filled with mountains, canyons and desert areas.

History Edit

Unlike its northern sibling the Southern Waste is warm and welcoming at first glance. However looks can be deceiving as this region does not support much life.

Similar to what their northern neighbours did the Sylvanian Empire and Lesser Kingdoms also decided that this hostile area would remain neutral ground.

The Southern Waste is primarily home to Trolls, Goblins and the occassional Orc hunting party as well as dangerous wildlife.

However, should anyone journey deeper into the area they will encounter large populations of Hobgoblins who are known for their hostile and highly aggressive behaviour.

Notable Locations Edit

Mysterious Ruins Edit

Located in the western parts of the waste these ruins appear to be ancient and their true purpose remains unknown. Inscriptions on several parts of the ruin seems to include words vaguely resembling an ancient dialect of Sylvasi as well as Orcasi, making scholars believe that these ruins were at some point a city built by both Men and Orcs.

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