The Blue Striders were a group of aristocrats-turned-mercenaries from the Lesser Kingdoms, established in the capital city of Unity Point during the Lightwar. The Blue Striders served as scouts and musketeers during the Lightwar for the forces of the Lesser Kingdoms, despite the general disapproval of their fellow citizens due to the members of the Blue Striders being of high nobility instead of actual soldiers. The band was disbanded shortly after the war, having lost most of its members to combat and having no real reason to press on.

History Edit

The history of the Blue Striders begins with the outbreak of the Lightwar. Aristocrats from some of the various upper noble houses in the Lesser Kingdoms felt that they shouldn't simply sit by and watch as soldiers were sent off to fight and die against the dark hordes of Kodan the Dark. Instead, they decided to take action.

A group of noblemen (and some noblewomen) met up at a small upscale tavern in Unity Point named 'The Silver Harp'. Here, they would create a mercenary organization, as the military itself did not allow them to enlist as they were of mostly upper nobility. As for what they did as a mercenary group, they selected a sort of scouting/musketeer role as most of the ones that had shown up were exceptional shots with matchlock/flintlock rifles that they had purchased from the Dwarves and blacksmiths. Most were also profficient in the use of swords as well, namely rapiers.

They did not actually pre-select a name for themselves, but one was given to them by other Kingdomers that noticed most of the ones present at the meeting were wearing deep blue vests/jackets/long coats, and walked with a sort of long stride. 'The Blue Striders.' Those present liked the name, and selected it to represent themselves.

Over the course of the Lightwar, they would serve to assist the armies of Light and the military of the Lesser Kingdoms in their endevours. Sometimes at the cost of their own lives. As they were nobles that were simply trained to fight and had not experienced actual battle, some were killed in direct combat with the enemy they had been scouting out. Others would quit, finding that what they were doing was more than they could handle. Still, the remaining ones pressed on till the war came to its inevitable conclusion.

After the war, the remaining Blue Striders dwelled on their future. What do they do now that the war was over? What do they do now that most of their members were either gone or dead? The remaining leaders of the Blue Striders finally decided four years after the Lightwar ended that the group should be disbanded.

After their disolution, the owners of 'The Silver Harp' had a painting made featuring each founding member of the Blue Striders. The painting still hangs there to this day.