The Engelbrecht Estate was the home of the Engelbrecht family before and during the Lightwar. Having been built shortly after the unification of the Lesser Kingdoms, it was granted to the Engelbrecht family as a gift and thank you for their assistance in the unification. The head of the Englebrecht family was also given the title of Duke in their home kingdom, due to their role in the unification, and the title was carried down through the years through each generation until it eventually reached Sir Caspar von Engelbrecht.

It was here that officially the title of Duke would stop in the Englebrecht line, as Caspar would kill himself after going mad in response to the supposed deaths of his children during the Lightwar. Unofficially, the title now falls on Verena von Engelbrecht, thus becoming the head of the family upon her father's death, and new Duchess.

Verena did not return to the estate for many years, allowing it to fall into disrepair. When she did return, she did not stay long as the mere sight of it bestowed too many emotions upon her.

Now the estate simply sits there, empty. The servants, gone. The horse stables, vacant. The manor, silent. Its former glory now faded into memory.