Late at night, under the cover of darkness, graveyards and tombs are robbed of their occupants. An eerie silence dominates the landscape as those that do one of the darkest of deeds proceed with their work. Without even a whisper, they come and go. Taking with them the corpses of those both long dead and recently deceased. Into the woods they depart, cloaked in mist. Necromancers, they've been deemed, stealing the dead to resurrect as their own servants or for some other heinous purpose. They have come to be known simply as 'The Silent Coven' by those few that have witnessed the group's movements.

Some say that this travelling band of necromancers have been wandering around and robbing graves for some time now. Well before the Lightwar. Some even say that the current leader of the Drow, Nasgi Ezrath, was a former member due to her masterful skill of raising an entire army of the undead during the Lightwar. Others say that the Silent Coven are merely researching the dead, in an attempt to prolong their own lives. In other words, achieve Lichdom. The Paladins of Dekanas are quick to denounce these claims, claiming themselves that these necromancers are mere heathens that anger Dekanas and desecrate the bodies of the dead. Nevertheless, when word of the Silent Coven is uttered, the Paladins soon follow.