Vados Firan is the heir of former king Udas Firan and the current ruler of Varos.

History Edit

Vados grew up as the only heir of the Kingdom of Varos. Growing darkness throughout the realms of Anvaris had decreased fertility of the populations in the northern regions and the royal family of Varos was no exception to this.

Despite the grim circumstances Vados managed to excel at nearly everything he was taught. Preferring a sharp blade over an elegant bow, Vados enlisted as a swordsman cadet with the varosian military at the age of thirteen.

At the age of sixteen he graduated from the military academy and was put in charge, against his father's wishes, of a small patrol unit tasked with hunting down bandits and Goblins.

When the Lightwar came to Anvaris Vados and his men were reinforced by an additional thirty soldiers and turned into a rapid cavalry assault unit.

Varosians had since long mastered the ways of the horse as well as mounted combat and as such the first wave of Kavurian invaders were quickly dealt with.

Vados continued to serve within the cavalry throughout the conflict and after it he was promoted to general for his actions.

When his father retired as king of Varos its people eagerly awaited for Vados to be sworn in. Months prior to ascending the throne Vados married the daughter of a merchant, Selena Firan, who was sworn in as queen.

Today Vados serve his people as king with pride and have done the best he could to repair what was damaged during the war while also maintaining healthy relations with his allies.