The Wastefolk, also known as Wasters and Wastelanders, is the name of the numerous tribes and communities which exist within the Northern Waste and the Southern Waste.

History Edit

It is not uncommon for the many people of Anvaris to seek new lands in the pursuit of glory, fame or just simple solitude.

Despite their hostile nature the Wastes are no different and while these lands are harsh and unforgiving they are, nonetheless, new lands previously unexplored.

Throughout the cycles many citizens of Anvaris have found themselves wandering or settling (sometimes both) these areas for any number of reasons.

Wether they are fleeing from a painful past or if they harbor a wish to live alone the Wastes have offered them refuge to a certain degree.

After time small communities and tribes have sprung up, its inhabitants joining together to find strength (and safety) in numbers.

Wastefolk come from all the states of Anvaris and have varied backgrounds. Those who still live in these lands have proven themselves as true survivors and continue to defy death itself for each passing day.

While they have no allegiance some Wastefolk choose to trade with the people of Anvaris, exchanging knowledge, rare materials, trinkets and artifacts for basic supplies such as food, clean water, clothes and healing spells.

Lightwar Edit

During the Lightwar many of the Wastefolk were massacred by Kodan the Dark and the Kavurians after they refused to either join the forces of Ixuz or provide food for the massive dark army.

Many of the Wastefolk went underground for several years, hoping to survive the war.

A small community of Wastefolk willingly joined the Dwarves during the war and served as scouts and pathfinders, providing their families with safety at the sacrifice of neutrality.

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