The wilds of Anvaris are vast, varied and filled to the brim with exotic wildlife. While many of the animals of these lands are friendly, domesticated or otherwise docile there are also several extremely dangerous species which will not hesitate to eliminate any threats.

Below is a list of animals.

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Varosian Horse Edit

Domesticated and wild horses hailing from Varos. These creatures are used as military and civilian mounts and for heavy labor.

Varosians take great care in breeding horses for different tasks, making sure that they're either strong, fast or have a good balance of both.

Dwarven Mountain Boar Edit

Abnormally large boar with thick hide and heavy tusks, the Dwarves use these boars within their cavalry troops.

Kavurian Blackclaw Edit

Powerful creature used by the Kavurians during the Lightwar as living siege weapons. Blackclaws can crush any Man, Dwarf or Elf with a single blow. They have natural armor which protects them from physical force.

Cavetick Edit

Found throughout the darker corners of Anvaris caveticks are parasitic creatures which devour anyone or anything reckless enough to enter the dark caves they live in.

Elemental Larva Edit

Commonly sighted in woodland areas these large creatures are normally docile and appear to inhibit a natural proficiency for using magi while hunting prey. This ability has been traced back to a special liquid which the larva generate over time inside special sacs.

Some Elves are known to breed these creatures and milk their sacs regularly, selling the larvae liquid for potionmakers.

Sylvanian Sandskimmer Edit

Otherwise dangerous animal which roams the deserts of Sylvania the Sandskimmers are dangerous predators which have been domesticated by the Orcs who use them as mounts (seeing as horses are too small). Smaller sized Oni also sometimes use Sandskimmers as mounts.

Orcish Ironfoot Edit

Native to the mountainous regions inhabited by the Orcs the Orcish Ironfoot is commonly used for labor. These animals are very strong and sturdy, making the highly valuable among people working with construction or mining.

Woodstalker Edit

The Woodstalker is a predator native to bot Varos and the Lesser Kingdoms. They are known to thrive in deep woods and shallow caves.

Woodstalkers prey on most living beings.

Tatsu Edit

Tatsu (Megalania to non-Oni) are large lizard-like creatures occasionally found in mountainous areas around Anvaris (most often in the Dwarven mountains). They range from human height to massive (the largest dwarfing buildings.) Oni tend to use these creatures as mounts, breeding the smaller ones for use and killing off the massive ones.

Tatsu are mainly meat eaters, and love bright, sunny areas as they are cold blooded. The pair of horns that grow from their skull they use similar to a bull, and are able to pierce some of the thickest armors in Anvaris.

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