A veteran vampire, demon and witch hunter, Wyran is responsible for investigating rumors of said evil beings on behalf of the Lightkeepers.

History Edit

Hailing from the southern parts of the Lesser Kingdoms Wyran was raised by a small order of warrior monks who served the light. The monks taught Wyran the ways of Andvarus and Lyn, as well as how to protect and preserve the world from dark forces.

After spending several years with the monks Wyran set out on a journey through Anvaris. While he had originally planned for a brief travel he realized that his abilities would be of better use keeping society safe.

During one of his vigilante missions where he hunted a demon Wyran met Jaqim of Inviz who not only helped him slay the demon but also invited him to join the Lightkeepers.

Equipment Edit

Blade of Lyn Edit

A sword forged in the light and purity of the goddess Lyn.

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