Born shortly after Andvarus and Dekanas, Xyth was the youngest of the three brothers. Little is known about this dark god and few whom are alive today posses the knowledge of his existance.

Said to had been born with the features of a demon Xyth was jealous of his older brothers. While they created Anvaris Xyth could only watch untill his rage assumed control.

Through his anger he relased a deadly plague onto the first people of Anvaris. After using their united might to stop this plague from spreading before it could cause any harm, Andvarus and Dekanas put Xyth behind bars in the Dungeon of Gods where he was to remain for all eternity.

Slowly turning into an increasingly more corrupted creature for each year that passed, Xyth soon learned how to communicate and control demons.

Before Andvarus learned of Xyth's ability to summon these dark creatures the latter managed to send a single demon into the realm of the living.

The demon began to slaughter a village but was eventually stopped by Ixuz, the God of Justice.

With Ixuz being the judge, jury and executioner of the gods themselves he sentenced the dark demon to death however just as he was about to destroy it the demon spoke to him.

Unknown to the other gods Ixuz had heard the dark voice of Xyth which sparked something within his mind. It didn't take long for Ixuz to become banished due to the fear that the darkness within him would spread to the other gods.

With Ixuz banished Xyth was able to sense the growing darkness within and began to feed it, sending Ixuz into madness which then continued to spread to the mortal realm.