Yazmina Dravi is the empress of the Sylvanian Empire. She is as cunning and dangerous as she is beautiful.

History Edit

Yazmina grew up in the capital city of Zpix with her mother and two sisters. Following a common Sylvanian tradition Yazmina and her family worked as dancers at several local taverns and inns.

The bigger the crowd the more coins they were paid by the tavern owners.

Eventually Yazmina was offered the position as court dancer by one of the imperial officials. To dance for the imperial court was a great honor and as such Yazmina gladly accepted the offer.

During her time in the court she became close with Hadan Dravi, the heir of the emperor. The two of them started to see eachother in private and Hadan courted Yazmina many times despite being rejected over and over, further motivating him to increase his efforts each time.

After the Lightwar ended and Hadan, who had represented Sylvania during the war, returned he became the new emperor if the Sylvanian Empire.

With his new powers Hadan once again resumed courting Yazmina, this time he also offered her the opportunity to rule by his side. Just as she had predicted.

Yazmina later became the empress of the Sylvanian Empire. Hadan might be the emperor but in reality Yazmina is the real ruler.