While the Kavurians and the structure of their military remains mostly shrouded in mystery the warrior known as Zúk is the closest thing to a military leader as far as knowledge of the Kavurians go.

History Edit

Appearing a number of times throughout the Lightwar this abnormally tall Kavurian appeared to be a general of some sort.

He commanded the Kavurian forces allied with Kodan the Dark however it is unknown if he was their ultimate military leader or just one officer of many.

During the war he was sighted numerous times spearheading his forces and cutting through Men, Dwarves, Elves and others with ease.

Before Kodan was slain several Kavurian soldiers managed to retreat back north, possibly back to their homeland. Seeing as his body was never found inside the Kazlak Fortress next to the other members of Kodan's inner circle it is believed that Zúk managed to flee with his forces.

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