Zpix is the capital city of the Sylvanian Empire.

History Edit

One of the oldest cities built by Men, Zpix has endured both time and history itself. Built on a large plateau the city now serves as the capital for the ever-growing Sylvanian Empire.

Most people describe Zpix as the 'market of Anvaris' because of its role as a tradehub (despite its de-centralized location).

Notable Locations Edit

Imperial Palace Edit

A massive structure itself the Imperial Palace is home to the Emperor, his generals, his advisors and all the servants. Over the years the palace has been modernized or slightly modified however most of the structure remains true to the original palace built by the first Emperor.

The Grand Market Edit

Filled to the brim with streetshops, traders, convoy depots and warehouses the Grand Market is as impressive as it is big. Visitors can expect to find all kinds of merchandise from all people of Anvaris.

Zpix Catacombs Edit

Ancient catacombs underneath the city. Because it is too difficult to bury deceased citizens in the desert anyone who dies is cremated and have their ashes put inside a blessed urn which is then placed here.

Special chambers exist for militaries and imperial officials.

Media Edit